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The law firm has been operating in Zgierz since 2012,

it is formed by an experienced team of five lawyers.

How will we help?

family affairs lawyer Zgierz

Family matters

We support divorce, property distribution or criminal proceedings between family members.

We help solve problems against the exercise of parental responsibility, maintenance and contact with children.



We get compensation for accidents, damage to health, damage to property.

We help you enforce the amount when the contractor has not fulfilled the contract, when the item or premises you bought has defects.



How to end the dispute quickly, without the stress of visiting the Court? The Parties may request assistance to the mediator in reaching an agreement.

This is a faster solution than the lawsuit and allows you to maintain an undeteriorated relationship between the parties.

real estate


We help you solve the following problems:

  • regulate the legal status of the property
  • share property
  • eviction

We consult leases and the sale of real estate.

Inheritance and succession

Inheritance and succession

We advise on how to dispose of property, including a company in the event of death.

We support the family of the deceased in the proceedings for the determination of the group of heirs and for the division of the estate remaining after his death.

recovery of receivables


We are recovering:

  • invoice receivables
  • for non-compliance with the contract
  • claim for claims for defects in things.

We help in debt restructuring, consumer bankruptcy.

Legal services for companies and institutions

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Marta Jaskułowska is a very nice, factual and competent lawyer. He deals with the matter very professionally from A to Z and receives calls even at the weekend for what great respect. Very good phone and remote contact. Mega cultural, very concrete and commendable. I highly recommend
Jarek Cichowski

I highly recommend the Law Firms of Mrs. Patron Marta Jaskulowska, high-level assistance, remote professional service, great colleagues who maintained and contacted me in every detail of my case, divorce case carried out perfect, with the next case I will definitely turn to this law firm
Maciej Janicki

Mrs. adv. Marta Jaskułowska is a professional, sympathetic and to the point lawyer. Mrs. Marta can do the impossible. Milo i mention our cooperation. I recommend using P. Marty’s services 100%
Renata Cieślak

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Adw. Marta Jaskułowska



Culminating in years of experience working in law firms in Poland and Ireland, in 2012 Adw. Marta Jaskułowska opened a law firm. Gradually, more people joined the team: advoaccy trainees, councillors and graduates of law studies.

The law firm is constantly evolving, improving the organization of work to help better and more efficiently. Since its founding, the law firm has helped solve more than 3,000 legal problems, and the quality of services is provided by customer recommendations and our successes.




Lawyer Marta Jaskułowska has been a mediator since 2016. Mediation is an alternative method of resolving a dispute in which parties, with the assistance of an impartial third party, without the need for a judicial process, can reach an agreement on the disputed issues between them. Their settlement may also, in many cases, be approved by the Court by correspondence and obtain the power of a court decision. The condition for using mediation is that both sides come to the first meeting together. Mediation is informal, voluntary and confidential.

Stories of our winning cases

Grand courtroom Constitutional Court

Success of our law firm in the Constitutional Court!

Two instances, the Supreme Administrative Court and ultimately the Constitutional Court, which confirmed that the provision indicated by us is incompatible with the Constitution.

On April 18 this year, the Constitutional Court announced a ruling on the constitutional complaint of our Client, represented by The Patron Marta Jaskulovska. The action concerned the failure to establish a final decision approving the merged motion in breach of the law. The Court unanimously ruled, thus in quiting, that Article 81(1) of the EC Treaty should be granted the right to the court of justice. Whereas Article 33 (2) of Regulation (EEC) No 2 2 of the Act of 26 March 1982. on land merge and exchange in so far as it makes it impossible to declare a final decision approving a merged project in violation of the law is incompatible with the Constitution of the Republic of Poland (Articles 45(1) and Article 77(2)).

The joy of the Court’s examination of our constitutional action is all the greater, the statistically less likely to come before the Court. According to statistics, as many as 243 cases were submitted to the Court in 2017 alone and only 77 cases were submitted to the substantive audit. After the preliminary audit, only 32 constitutional complaints were intended for substantive examination (1).

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details of the judgment on the website

accident on ice

Compensation for a person who broke her hand on an icy sidewalk

Sometimes, despite the utmost caution, it can happen that we slip and fall on an icy, snow-free sidewalk. If we are not lucky, such a fall can result in a serious fracture, prolonged sick leave and the fact that we will not regain full fitness.

What to do in this situation? Where to get money for treatment and rehabilitation? For treatments within the NFZ you have to wait for months, and the doctor says that every day of delay in the start of exercise reduces the chances of returning to full fitness.

A customer came to our office, which , despite equipping with winter shoes, fell on an icy sidewalk in front of the block where she lived. As a result of the fall, there was an open fracture of the hand, it was necessary to associat it – several operations were carried out. The hand did not regain the mobility before the accident. The client did not work for several months and also did not perform her household duties, in which she had to be carried out by loved ones. It required help in basic life activities. For several months she took painkillers, attended private rehabilitation classes.

The snow removal of the sidewalk was the responsibility of the company, which took over the duties related to the removal of the effects of winter under an agreement with the housing community.

On behalf of the client, we spoke to the insurer of the snow-clearing company and then to the Court. The client received full compensation for the cost of medicines, access to medical institutions, for the care of loved ones, rehabilitation and medication. She also received compensation for personal injury – damage to health (for damage to her hand and for not returning to her former fitness) – all with interest.

arrest at the border

When you return to Poland from abroad and find out that you are wanted by a watch letter...

Can you imagine what a person can feel when he returns from abroad to find out that he is wanted by a chased letter? That he is to appear in a prison to serve his sentence?

Our client, while abroad, did not know that criminal proceedings were taking place against him. He was unaware that a verdict had been reached that he had to do so. According to Art. 65 § 1 of the Criminal Code, if the convicted person evades the serving of a custodial sentence, the court manages the execution of a replacement custodial sentence. Since the client did not appear to carry out these work, the Court converted him “rework” into a substitute prison sentence (prison sentence). On the other hand, since he did not appear in prison, a letter of the court was issued behind him.

When he realized the situation was in, the client immediately reported to the law firm. While reviewing the case file, it emerged that the Court of First Instance, converting the custodial sentence into imprisonment, had committed an error and “made” the client several months in prison.

We have succeeded in correcting the judgment (shortening the ordered custodial sentence) and at the same time to halt its execution. The chord letter has been revoked. The client got another chance from the Court – he could do social work, and after doing so enjoy life and freedom.


Our analysis and legal opinions

World Copyright (and Book) Day

World Copyright (and Book) Day

The World Book and Copyright Day is an annual celebration organized on the 23rd of April. Its originator is UNESCO, and the date itself is symbolic, as two prominent writers died on that day: William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes. We will focus on the second part of the name of today's holiday, i.e. the issue of copyright in Polish Law. For the record, it is worth pointing out that in Poland the issue of copyright is regulated by the Act of February 4, 1994. on copyright and related...

Five interesting facts about consumer rights in Poland

Five interesting facts about consumer rights in Poland

English version Wersja po polsku A consumer is a natural person who performs a legal transaction with an entrepreneur (e.g. concluding a contract) not directly related to his business or professional activity. Today (Monday, March 15) we are celebrating World Consumer Rights Day . Its history dates back to 1963, when the US President JF Kennedy gave a speech, including four fundamental rights for consumers - information, choice, security and representation. This holiday has been officially...

XV European Data Protection Day

XV European Data Protection Day

Today (January 28) we are celebrating the 15th European Data Protection Day . Undoubtedly, this is a good occasion to recall some of the key information on who, on what basis and how should protect personal data What legal act regulates the matter of personal data protection in Poland? The General Regulation of the European Parliament on the protection of personal data (hereinafter: GDPR) has been in force for over two years, which unified the rules for the protection of personal data...